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BOBICAMP tends to create a professional one-stop camp gear purchasing solution for global clients. Our company’s main business products involve camp tents, camp chairs, camp table, camp drinkware, camping hammock, etc.


Find Outstanding One-stop Camping Gear Supplier From China

Bobicamp is your trusted tent supplier in China. With abundant production experience, powerful technology and scientific management, Bobicamp has secured a wide range of customers around the world. Our products are widely exported to America, Europe, Russia and Middle Eastern countries.


Start From Your Inquiries

For the first step, please send your inquiries with detailed products pictures, materials, designs, sizes and rough order quantity to our sales team via email or whatsapp.

Quick Quotation

After reaching inquiries, Bobicamp market experts will communicate with your demands, conduct trending products recommendation and provide quotation within 48hours.

Trial/Mass Production

Bobicamp allow customers to purchase samples to test local market. Upon customers approval of samples, we will start mass production adhering strictly to high standards.

All-process Quality Control

During the whole progress, Bobicamp will regularly exam products to identify defects, non-compliance, or deviations from quality standards. Full inspection report will be sent.

Shipping Solution

Bobicamp allows customers to express their specific delivery requirements, wether you need EXW, FCA, FOB and CFR terms. Our customers will save money on shipping costs.

Responsible After-sales Service

If you run into any products issues, please preserve a complete chain of evidence and submit to our team. Bobicamp will make our best effort to make up for your loss.

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